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    Say Thank You!

    November 19, 2013 by Miyanlove

    Say THANK YOU in 26 different languages ;D, anyone is welcome to add more languages

    Language Thank You
    Afrikaans dankie
    Arabic shukran
    Australian English ta (informal)
    Chinese, Cantonese do jeh
    Chinese, Mandarin xie xie
    Czech dekuji
    Danish tak
    Finnish kiitos
    French merci
    German danke
    Greek efharisto
    Hebrew toda
    Hindi, Hindustani sukria
    Malay terima kasih
    Italian grazie
    Japanese arigatou
    Korean kamsa hamnida
    Norwegian takk
    Tagalog salamat po
    Polish dziekuje
    Portuguese obrigado
    Russian spasiba
    Spanish gracias
    Sinhak (Sri Lanka) istutiy
    Swahili asante
    Swedish tack
    Thai kwap-kun krap/ka
    Turkish tesekkur ederim Read more >
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    Super Typhoon Haiyan, predicted to be the largest ever recorded, hit central Philippines. Thousands of people have been evacuated and thousands more have fled their homes as the category five storm sent waves as high as 5m (15ft) ashore on the islands of Leyte and Samar in the central Philippines, overturning power lines and leaving streets knee-deep in water.

    With speeds at landfall of 195mph and gusts of up to 235mph, Haiyan is believed to be stronger than the world's last strongest tropical cyclone, hurricane Camille, which was recorded in the US at 190mph in 1969.

    Estimated path the typhoon will reach the Vietnam coast.

    • BBC Images of the typhoon destruction
    • Washington Post
    • The Guardian
    • CNN
    • Reuters
    • New York Times Mapping Typhoon Haiyan

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